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Going by strict definition, a craft can be called antique when it is at least 100 years old. Some collectors, writers and insurance companies consider even 75 years old item as antique. For many people, antique just means old and collectible.

The global antique crafts industry is made up of innumerable dealers buying and selling antique crafts. However, there is no reliable statistics that reflect the accurate volume of trade in antiques. The present trend of antique collection has less regional focus which can be attributed to the use of Internet for buying and selling antiques. People are globally exchanging them. There are many countries that export quite a large number of antiques, especially the Asian countries, such as India and China. The major importers of antiques are the USA and Europe.

Items, such as jewelery, furniture, clocks and watches made during 1940-70 are becoming more and more popular. Some items show cyclic manner of popularity by disappearing for a while and then suddenly becoming very popular. This can be connected to the publicity given to them by media including magazines, TV programs, roadshows etc.

Trade in antiques and collectibles has a bright future. However, with its growth, there will be increasing pressure leading to very tough competition as authentic antiques are a finite resource.

Fake antique items and reproductions of antiques have posed a serious challenge before the antiques industry. In fact, there are authorized and permanently marked reproductions that are sold in the market. It becomes a problem, only when these reproductions are sold as old and original. Some of these reproductions are so close to the originals that only an antiques expert can make out the difference. A novice or a hobbyist collector, and even many dealers, can not identify fake antiques.

There is no dearth of shopping hubs meant specifically for buying antiques & generally include store fronts, auction houses, expositions etc. The following guidelines must be kept in mind while going for buying antiques. These are :

  • Be careful to find real products at a fair price.
  • Make the best use of the fund while going for expensive lots.
  • Check pricing, condition, compare & inspect the pieces.

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Antique, derived from the Latin word “antiquus”, refers to any old collectible item which exhibits highest level of craftsmanship of a bygone era. The age, rarity, condition, utility & other unique features which gives specialty to them.

Easily available at all major antique shopping hubs, these are skillfully crafted giving maximum attention to its design done with finesse. As per experts, antique items includes decorative objects which must be at least 100 years old. The invaluable pieces actually depend upon certain parameters which includes authenticity, beauty, age, rarity & condition. Easily passed down as an estate, these are bought from antique dealers & auction services or purchased online through websites & online auctions & in most cases, these antique dealers are often members of national trade associations.

Types of Antiques
Antiques can be almost anything under the roof of the sky, be it from paper products to small & large appliances, to furniture or vehicles. They all are considered to be antiques if they are over 100 years old & consist of stuffs which are for almost any taste.

Click on the link below to view respective Antiques suppliers

Antique by Products
Antique Clocks and Watches
Antique Clocks and Watches
Antique clocks and watches are known for their unique rarity and authenticity and come in a plenty of designs.

Antique by Materials
Antique Furniture
Antique Furniture
Carved out of common woods as mahogany, oak, pine, & walnut it gives a perfect royal ambiance to a setting.

Antique Glass
Antique Glass
Marked with beauty & the antique glass products are in great demand these days.
Antique Jewelry
Antique Jewelry
Carved in variety of precious metals, antique jewelry has maintained its elegance & enigmatic aura over the years.

Antique Lighting
Antique Lighting
Beautiful as well as elegant, antique lights come in various forms as chandeliers, lights, sconces & lamps.
Antique Weapons
Antique Weapons
Add a touch of sophistication to the decor with arms & weapons used in the 18th & the 19th century.

Architectural Antique
Architectural Antiques
Transform the architectural antiques with an ethnic doors && metals.
Garden Antique
Garden Antiques
Stylish as well as elegant, it can be beautifully incorporated in gardens to give an antique face lift.

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