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Happy times or hard times, people drink! According to a recently conducted research in June 2008, nearly half of consumers surveyed said, the economy didn't have any impact on the money they spend on beer, wine or spirits. More than 80% of respondents said they are spending the same on alcoholic beverages as they did a year before. Another data for the year ending April 2008 stated 33 % of casual-dining and fine-dining meals on the weekends, included an alcoholic beverage, where as 27% of such weekday meals did so. This seems to be a good news for the wine industry as well as bar accessories industry.

Bar accessories give an opportunity to the consumers for making purchases without very large financial commitments. They can start with buying simple bar ware such as beer mugs and then move upwards for high end bar accessories collection over time. A few years back, trends leaned towards casual, simplistic designs in bar ware. Crystal products also sold a lot. Casual style was the prevailing trend. However, many bar accessories manufacturers were experimenting with colors too. As drinking wine with meals became more common, there was a greater demand for everyday wine glasses. Subsequently, consumers started upgrading their home bars with stylish and functional bar accessories. As bar accessories gained popularity, the stainless-steel trend also made its mark and market saw a good demand of these stainless steel bar accessories. A considerable increase was seen in the sale of ice box and cocktail shakers too.

Of late, some unique trends have been seen in the bar accessories industry. Theme based collections, such as Black & White Collections, Nautical Collections etc. have made their way in this industry too. Apart from these, the ever popular holiday collections like Christmas, Valentines Day, Winter or Fall Collections are also popular with the wine lovers. Home bars have become one of the favorites of interior decorators who now place special emphasis on bar decoration with the help of latest bar accessories that are even changed periodically to give newer looks to home decor. Bright and bold colors have given way to more subdued tones like Grays, blacks and neutral colors.

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Bar accessories are available in innumerable variety & are absolutely a must for the bar industry to run smoothly. From coasters to corkscrews, flasks & bottle stoppers to corks, there is no dearth in the bar accessory segment. It actually helps in elevating the drinking experience. Perfect symbols of sophistication when hosting parties, it is inclusive of all those necessary items which eases the serving business. Be it for a hard liquor lover or the poles apart. Each customer's satisfaction is supreme & is handled with perfection.

Available in abundant variety, it is however a bit stressful to hunt for the apt accessory for the bar in the market. Appealing styles help in wooing the prospective customers, & thus, it is picked up as per the desirable taste & needs. These help in adding to one’s hosting abilities. From wine racks to cabinets and glasses and corkscrews, a variety of items exist for the wine lovers and hard liquor drinkers.

Types of Bar Accessories
There are wide range of bar accessories that are mobbing the market every year available in distinct shapes, styles & purpose. With increasing numbers of bars across the world, there is an equally increasing demand for bar accessories which when a bar is equipped with these items.

Click on the link below to view respective Bar Accessories suppliers

Wine Accessories
Wine Accessories
Exquisitely designed Wine Decanters, Glass Holders, and Stoppers are perfect for personal use and special gifts.
Bar Furniture
Bar Furniture
Stools in wood, and wrought Floor Standing, Wall Mounted or Hanging Wine Racks- all for wine lovers
Smoking Accessories
Smoking Accessories
Standard and Designer Pipes, Ashtrays and Lighters are all available in regular metal, wood & even glass.
Hookahs available in various sizes, designs even in crystal, just for that unique smoking experience.
Glass, Wooden, Marble, Stone, colorful Coasters in various patterns & styles are ultimate delight.
Standard ashtrays in exotic designs, patterns, shapes and sizes are available in any imaginable material.
Bottle Opners
Bottle Opners
Stylish bottle openers are not only for bars but the customized ones can be perfect for promotional gifts too.
Cocktail Shakers
Cocktail Shakers
Cocktail Shakers various sizes and shapes bring style to the cocktail parties.

Smoking Pipes
Smoking Pipes
Smoking Dry Pipes and the variations like Hookahs, Chillums, and Bongs give that royal feeling while smoking.
Beer Mugs
Beer Mugs
Beer Mugs in innovative shapes and designs also come in personalized avatar, perfect for that special gift.

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