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Corporate gifts keep the morale of employees on higher side and bring recognition and customer loyalty to the brands. A recent marketing survey related to corporate gifts says that although economic downturn has resulted in major cuts in advertising spendings, the expenditures on corporate gifts have gone down only marginally. Another survey of 2007 says, from among response received through various media for promotion, corporate gifts scored a 17% - higher than any other medium including print, television or the Internet. As per a survey conducted by a promotional merchandise website in 2007, 22.9% of respondents ordered promotional items for giving away as corporate gifts more than ten times per year. 41% of them ordered promotional merchandise between 1-3 times per year. Corporate gifts market is, in fact, stable across all sizes of buyers and budgets.

Most of the corporate gifts are under $50 including common gifts such as pens, diaries, business organizers, clocks, USB memory cards, promotional clothing and key rings etc. Of late, some novel items like stress toys, specially designed tools, digital equipments etc. have also become popular as corporate gifts. However, one negative trends has also been revealed by a survey. Some of the corporates have placed limitation on the worth of gifts that an employee can accept, others have totally banned corporate gifts in their organizations but these are only a few companies. Experts say that the trend will not spread much. Once the companies are convinced that they are not subject to any public scrutiny, corporate gifts will be the last thing that they will do away with.

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With boom in the the tradition of Corporate gifting, the gift items manufactured specifically for meeting these requirements have increased tremendously. Meant for gifting on varied specific occasions, corporate gifting has become the recent fad in the corporate world where it has become almost mandatory to acknowledge ever achievement of the employees. Be it the valued clients or the hard working employees, corporate gifts are meant to appreciate their work.

Functioning either as a token of appreciation or gratitude, the gifts are chosen accordingly as per the importance of the occasion. The gifts are customarily bought which might be of any nature & form. Be it a token pen with the company logo or a personalized calendar book, tee shirt or a jacket etc. The more elaborate the occasion, accordingly the gifts are decided upon.

Types Corporate Gifts
Corporate gifts can be found in innumerable types with no dearth in their availability factor.

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Antique, pipe, wall or regular ashtrays, they come in brass, ceramic, wood and even glass & crystal.
Business Organizers
Business Organizers
What corporate gift is there for making employees meet the deadlines willingly.
All time favorite gifts and now can be selected from newer versions like solar & calculator watches!
Customized Executive diaries can advertise your business while making employees & clients.
Alarm or analog, wall or table, contemporary or antique, clocks are beautiful as well as useful gifts.
Specialized calculators, they are great gifts & calculator games polish maths skills in interesting ways.

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