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Handicraft is a part of almost every country where the artisans & craftsmen indulge in bringing forth the rich heritage of any country focusing on it's history, culture & tradition. In this context, the rich cultural countries of Asia as India, China are deeply immersed into the production of handicraft items which are in high demand in the global market. The rich vibrant, colorful items have helped in establishing a grand market for these products. There are several establishments engaged in the manufacturing of pottery, ceramics, clay pieces, paintings, sculptures, antique furniture, textiles, paper craft etc. which help in generating enough revenues for the handicraft industry. These industries do provide additional employment & overall accounts for a market share of more than US$100 billion. While the Oceania countries mainly including Australia & New Zealand are equally very much into the handicraft's industry. Their industry is actually a bunch of many cottage industries which is indulged in the production of ceramic arts & crafts, jade jewelry, decorative hand blown glass, jewelry & paper crafts to name a few. The Australian government is spending nearly A$6.3 million per annum in this vast industry, since, it has grown enormously in the past few years. The total export was around A$300 million in 2006. The US isn't far behind. It is infact one of the biggest & the most important contemporary market in the handicraft industry. It accounts for about US$13.8 billion & has an approx 127000 people employed in this world's largest industry. Canada is also highly diversified & comprises of individual craft persons, studios, enterprises, media guilds, public and private galleries & industrial organizations. It accounted for a total of over $100 million exports & employs about 22,597 persons in the handicraft sector.
Artisans & craftsmen make use of different techniques to give form to the unique handicraft items. These combined with exquisite & vibrant designs make the most intriguing artistic artifacts. The commonly used techniques are :

  • Beading
  • Bronze Casting
  • Carving
  • Chikan
  • Embroidery
  • Enameling
  • EPNS (Electro Plated Nickel Silver)
  • Filigree
  • Hand Printing
  • Inlay
  • Painting
  • Phulkari Bagh
  • Polishing
  • Tie & Die
  • Weaving
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Handicraft is a unique expressions of art which represents a culture, tradition & the heritage of a specific country. It beautifully keeps the age old culture alive & maintains the craft's exotic legacy & tradition. Every country has its own unique handicraft style bringing forth the diverse historical aspects in beautiful forms of handicrafts. Highlighted with distinct designs & finishes, the handicraft items speak loud & clear about the excellent artistic skills of craftsmen which makes the pieces absolutely invaluable.

Types of Handicraft
Major players are deeply involved in the production of priceless handicraft items. It showcases the rich cultural & architectural history of any nation. There are distinct types of handicraft items which catches the fancy of art connoisseurs world over.

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Aluminium Handicraft
Aluminium Handicraft
Aluminum handicraft used for making small art pieces like candle holders & vases.
Embroidered Craft
Embroidered Craft
The unique art of embroidery, using mere threads, can produce amazing craft that can decorate homes.
Iron Handicraft
Iron Handicraft
Iron & contemporary popular wrought iron produce exquisite & eye delighting craft pieces.
Marble Craft
Marble Craft
Garden Sculpture, decorative, furniture, stair- the cool & comforting marble is everywhere.

Shell Handicraft
Shell Handicraft
Craftspersons' creativity have converted sea shells into great decorative & gifts items.
Plastic Craft
Plastic Craft
Omnipresent plastic has made way into crafts industry too and is used to make attractive products.
Bone Handicraft
Bone Handicraft
Natural bones are converted into masterpiece crafts that come in diverse colors & designs.
Sandstone Craft
Sandstone Craft
Hard & tough sandstone is used to make beautiful sculpture & decorative.
Jewelry Handicraft
Jewelry Handicraft
Exotic jewelery items made by hand give a different class of elegance to the wearer.
Silver Craft
Silver Craft
The shining metal is not limited to jewelery alone, it is now used to make an array of gift items & souvenirs.

Jute Handicrafts

Jute Handicrafts
Jute handicrafts has grown for home decor and many other purposes.

Wooden Craft
Wooden Craft
Durable and elegant wood can be carved into myriad styles which contributes to its coveted position.

Handicrafted Figures
Handicrafted Figures
Metals, wood, stone, leather or cloth the precision that results when figures are crafted by hand.
Jute Crafts
Jute Crafts
From curtains, rugs & cushion covers to wall hangings, handicrafts & even stationary.

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