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As per the 2006 Research & Markets reports, the total worth of the home decor & furnishings (including outdoor décor) market in the US was about $270 billion. There is continuous desire among consumers to build a tranquil retreat in the backyard for outdoor living & entertaining. There is a tremendous rise in the sales of lawn, garden & outdoor living products growing at an estimated 13.4% in last year to $41.3 billion despite the tough economy & unpredictable weather. Gardening tools & accessories are quite popular year round. It is one of the most booming market & has got great demands for grills, patio sets, outdoor lighting & decorative accents as stylish copper fire pits, colorful glass, metal wind chimes & hand-painted patio sets.

There have been immense showcase of polyresin & cast stone fountains in several classical architectural designs. It has been estimated that the market for outdoor water feature is growing at about 10% to 20% annually. The fascinating gazing globes, whirling sprinklers & copper bugs are now expanded into elaborate & colorful accents as iridescent colored glass with metal wind chimes & garden stakes in balloon, flower, bug & galaxy shapes.

While in garden statuary section, consumers were fond of fairies, bugs, toads, angels & playing children themes. The sales have tripled each year for many garden accessory manufacturing companies. In the global market, a series of coach streetlights featuring bright white solar-powered bulbs have entered for $199 to $399. The new styles in pewter & antique copper are overtaking the traditional black pagoda shapes.Bird feeding & housing are other outdoor décor items whose sales are growing constantly. They have become more decorative & have registered a growth rate of about 5% to 8% annually. Similar scene can be seen in the patio furniture & accessories where the resin sales have been fiat & there is more demand for affordable aluminum & wrought-iron sets. Other items as grills, patio heaters, coolers & fireplace pits remain strong sellers in the outdoor décor category. There are now availability of upscale grills with multiple burners, frying surfaces & sink connections.
Outdoor décor items are made of varied qualitative materials which help in imparting a definite shape & size to these pieces. These are weather resistant, rust resistant & are durable in nature & are well protected when coated with qualitative varnishes, paints etc.

  • Wrought Iron
  • Brass
  • Nickel
  • Stone
  • Copper
  • Bamboo
  • Aluminum
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Nylon
  • Plastic
  • Polyester
  • Resin
  • Rubber
  • Stainless Steel
  • Wood
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Outdoor décor meant for the garden & patio decoration is actually the most impressive thing which attracts the onlookers & guests. The outdoor or garden accessories are innumerable in numbers which help in defining the open space keeping in mind the aesthetic beauty bringing the inmates closer to the nature's enigmatic charm. These products ranging from the practical to the decorative purposes function as a great show stopper in the outdoor décor category.
The ornamental accessories in gardens only aids in revealing the artistry & superior skills of the craftsmen. All these decorative accessories are crafted out in such a way that they add immense charm & elegance to the gardens & patio area. Often, these are adorned & embellished with novel & appealing designs which are coupled with innovative techniques such as carving, embossing etc. All these accessories & decorative items are quite rugged & tough in nature & are found in a plethora of shapes as desired.

A wide range of exquisitely designed items function as garden accessories which are a must to be exhibited into the garden areas.These uniquely sculpted beautifying items mostly include :

Awnings made of fabric, plastic or aluminum, apart from lending beauty to home office etc.
Garden Fencing
Garden Fencing
Bamboo, copper, iron or chain link fencing, they all keep bad elements out & beauty of nature within sight.
Bird Baths
Bird Baths
Beautiful bird baths contribute to nature's cause by offering clean water for drink and bath to shelter less birds.
Garden Fountains
Garden Fountains
Providing tranquility & peace to outdoor living areas, garden fountains come in different sizes and materials.

Bird Feeders
Bird Feeders
Creative shapes & designs, bird feeders add color to backyards by attracting various birds.
Garden Lighting
Garden Lighting
Lighting designs with help of lamps, lanterns, or flood light make gardens enjoyable in evenings.
Decorative or commercial, canopies are essential for every outdoor activity, party, trade fair, or garden.
Garden Planters
Garden Planters
Available in various material, they are made to withstand extreme weathers.

Recreational tents for camping & parties, they are also essential for military and emergency purposes.
Garden Swings
Garden Swings
Swings, gliders, hammocks all for stealing relaxing moments from busy lives.
Beautiful umbrellas can be for protecting from rain and sun as well as for making fashion statement.
Garden Tools
Garden Tools
Pruner, hand saw or shear, if selected cautiously, garden tools can convert hard work into beautiful garden.

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