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The sculpture market has been adversely hit by the previous year economic downturns just like the published fine art print market, however, the business has only expanded in the past few years. Sculpture is rebounding & attracting a new breed of collector, although, the sales of these three-dimensional art have been fairly one-dimensional the past year.
The sculpture industry has seen the emergence of more sculpture collectors than ever in a few years time leading to the formation of a much bigger market for sculpture than there was 10 years ago. It has much more awareness among the art connoisseurs world over for this collectible medium & due to better casting techniques & new materials, a new type of collector has emerged from the marketplace. This is known as the sculpture game & runs from about $500 to $4,000.
Sculpture industry was always considered to have an elite aura mainly because of the effort gone into the making which makes them all the more expensive. And perhaps this is the reason why the sculpture market is more sensitive to the vagaries of the economy. The market is susceptible to the economic & political climates, since, there were reports of flat (or worse) sales during the election period of President Bush & it bottomed out completely for all after Sept. 11. This proves that even this market follows the similar line as followed by the print market & it accordingly decides the sale of the artworks.
It is expected that the sculpture market will continue to grow as first-time buyers would seek to expand their collections, new materials & processes. All this will enliven the market & so the costs are going to be kept affordable for a larger group of buyers. However, the test of time still remains on the side of quality artwork which has the capacity to endure anything during economic fluctuations, evolving technologies & changing trends.
Sculptors make use of a wide array of materials to give a shape & figure to their sculptures. They generally sought to produce art works which are permanent. The commonly used materials are :

  • Bronze
  • Stone (as marble, limestone, porphyry, granite)
  • Nickel
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Jade
  • Ivory
  • Hardwoods (as oak, box/boxwood, lime/linden)
  • Terra cotta
  • Ceramics
  • Cast metals (as pewter, zinc (spelter)
  • Rock
  • Ephemeral materials (as plaster of Paris, wax, clay,plasticine)
A lot of care is required to maintain the enigmatic charm of sculptures. One has to adhere to the following guidelines which will take care of the fragile beauty of these sculptures.

  • Regular cleaning by dampened piece of cloth
  • Clean it using the right palm while holding the artwork in/on the left palm
  • Clean the artwork in cylindrical manner by folding the cloth in-between the palm & the carving
  • Always call a vendor’s consumer ordering line for help with questions
  • Let it dry for some minutes
  • Do apply polish with a soft cloth or applicator
  • Brush briskly until shine returns
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Sculptures are basically three-dimensional artwork which are created painfully by shaping hard or plastic material or stone & giving it a definitive shape & figure. These are either created directly by carving where the things are assembled, built up & fired, welded, molded, or casted. Since, it basically involves the use of materials that can be molded or modulated, it is even considered as one of the plastic arts & this art majorly figures in the public art.

Sculptures are found in varied types & these are easily distinguishable from each other simply because of the carvings & designing. Some common forms of sculpture are :
However, here some of the sculpture types have been elaborately defined which are :

Ceramic Sculpture
Ceramic Sculpture
Sculpture of clay or other ceramic materials, are for all purposes- decorative, fine art, industrial or applied art.
God Statues
God Statues
Buddha or Indian Gods, these statues are not only art pieces but represent miraculous faith of entire community.

Metal Sculptures
Metal Sculptures
Molding metals into sculptures is an art and science, to see or possess them is an unique experience.
Buddha Statue
Buddha Statue
The glorified Buddha statues in various positions seem to preach the enlightened path for everyone's salvation.

Clay Sculpture
Clay Sculpture
Kin-fired, water based or any other clay, when formed into sculpture, is ultimate delight to look at.
Contemporary Sculpture
Contemporary Sculpture
Modern art using bronze, ceramic or other media, features a variety of figurative sculpture.

Stone Sculptures
Stone Sculptures
Rough & unfinished or refined statues, art of carving stone into sculpture is as old as civilization itself.
Water Sculpture
Water Sculpture
Dancing fountains, commercial water display or figures, they are made from copper, bronze or stone.

Paper Sculpture
Paper Sculpture
Folding, cutting, pasting or other method, fact that paper can be turned into an art piece is, in itself, is amazing.
Garden Sculptures
Garden Sculptures
Fountains, Statues, Pumps, Ponds- there are many variants of garden sculpture to make any outdoor beautiful.

Wood Sculpture
Wood Sculpture
Wood carving by hand or power tools, produce figure & figurines that are excellent decorative.
Animal Sculptures
Animal Sculptures
Horse, chimpanzee or birds, animal sculptures in metal or wood bring along the lively wildlife.

Glass Sculpture
Glass Sculpture
Beautiful glasses perfectly reflect light & color, and are made into simple vases as well as fine decorative.
Fountain Sculpture
Fountain Sculpture
They are not only art pieces but also technically sound to disburse water properly and bringing life to any garden.

Sand Sculpture
Sand Sculpture
Made from sand & water,they come in any shape, size and form and to see them is a true delight.
Pottery Sculpture
Pottery Sculpture
Earthenware, stoneware or porcelain pottery, they are glazed and decorated to convert them into art pieces.

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