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Home » Trade Associations » Craft Trade Associations in China

Craft Trade Associations in China

Get all the necessary information about the dominant craft trade associations in China. This page gives you the brief overview, mailing addresses, contact numbers and site addresses of various Chinese craft industry associations like China National Arts and Crafts Association, China Chamber for Export and Import of Textiles, China Toy Association, China Ceramic Industry Association, China National Textile and Apparel Council and other associations as well.

China Toy Association
Description : CTA is an apex body created to provide services to its members, toy industry and concerned consumers throughout the world.
Contact Address : No. 101 Fu Xing Men Nei Street, Beijing 100031, China

+(86)-(10) 66053388

+(86)-(10) 66033964

China Leather Industry Association
Description : CLIA is a national body dedicated to promote and advance the growth of the Chinese Leather Industry in the global markets.
Contact Address : No.6 Dong Chang An Street, Beijing, China

+(86)-(10) 65261935

+(86)-(10) 65231698

China Ceramic Industry Association
Description : CCIA is a professional body, which serves as a training and information resource for those who are engaged in the ceramic industries.
Contact Address : Rm 228, No.6 Dong Chang'an Avenue, Beijing 100740, China

+(86)-(10) 6512 4684

+(86)-(10) 6512 4672

China National Arts and Crafts Association
Description : Established in 1988, this trade organization aims at conducing scientific research, education and marketing for the arts and craft sector.
Contact Address : 101 Fuxingmen Nei Street, Beijing 100031, China

+(86)-(10) 6601 3019

+(86)-(10) 6601 3029

China Chamber for Export and Import of Textiles
Description : CCCT is a national body formed in October 1988 to represent the most of China's textile and clothing sector in international trade.
Contact Address : No.12, Panjiayuan Nanli, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100021, China

+(86)-(10) 67739246

+(86)-(10) 67719235

China National Textile and Apparel Council
Description : CNTAC is a non-profit organization created to coordinate the economic & technical relations between various sectors of the textile industry.
Contact Address : Rm 154, No. 12, Dong Chang’an Street, Beijing, 100742, China

+(86)-(10) 85229100

+(86)-(10) 85229174


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